Who are the Christians That Meet Here?

Who Are We?

  • A group of down to earth Christians who are committed to serving GOD according to the New Testament.
  • People who share a faith in the LORD and dedicated to do what is right
  • People who are concerned about eternity and confidently look forward to meeting the LORD
  • Christians who study GOD’s Word together – worship together – work together — laugh together –and sometimes cry together

About Us

  • We Are Sinners  “We all have a past as Sinners. We also have a common forgiveness by the grace of GOD through the Blood of JESUS….”
  • We Accept the Bible   We Accept the Bible as our Inspired Creed. The Bible alone reveals GOD’s will for all of us
  • We Are Servants    We All continue to confess, that JESUS is our LORD and our King. His will is the last word in everything.
  • We Worship God     Our GOD is an Awesome GOD, He Reigns from Heaven Above… We Offer our Best in our Worship.
  • We Care   The LORD’s instruction is that we “Love One Another”   We intend to Obey Him and help each other because we all need help.
  • We Live a New Life   We don’t live the way we did before becoming Christians. We all struggle with weakness & sin and rely on GOD’s continuing mercy to forgive us.
  • We Are Growing   …No one is fully grown spiritually.  No matter how Mature or New we are as Christians.  We all work to become people who reflect the image of JESUS.

What We Have In Common

  • Love for each other.
  • Salvation through JESUS CHRIS
  • Commitment to the LORD.
  • Strength from GOD through faith
  • Hope and joy in the truth of GOD’s Word

Our Worship

  • Our worship is not theatrical but spiritual – praising and thanking GOD for His Love, Mercy and overwhelming blessings
  • People who remember JESUS and what He did for us
  • We are in awe of our GOD and openly express it in our worship.

Will You Join Us?

Sunday Morning – Adult Bible Study –  9:00 am
Sunday Morning – Worship Service – 10:00am
1501 Lake Shore Dr., Little Elm, TX    (469) 850-1514.